February 20, 2019

24 pages
8.5 x 11 inches /section  (For Magazine)

WAVE app是我對2018年12月做的WAVE雜誌的延展設計。在使用過很多其他的手機端新聞類app後,我希望能有一個app,樣式簡潔並且能提供良好的深度閱讀的體驗,而不是用短幅的文章和大量的圖片及廣告來加強流量。




WAVE magazine is focusing on political and social issues. The core concept is presenting ideas of people from different standpoints. People are experiencing the history and cannot define the right or wrong.

WAVE app is the extension of WAVE magazine. I designed the app based on my personal feeling and needs for using news apps. It focuses on clear and simple reading experiences. WAVE app is used to show readers in-depth reports and reviews, so It is more like an e-magazine app but not a news app.