I-20 Redesign
  October 24, 2018

1 page
15.66 x 6.14 inches (2.61 x 6.14 inches /section)


我保留了I-20原有的區域和信息,將尺寸縮小為15.66 x 6.14 英寸,並可折疊成六個部分達到與美元尺寸一致,以便於夾在護照中或者放入錢包內隨身攜帶。


The main concept for this project is to show information both consider functionality and visual satisfaction. The form should be user-friendly for reading and carrying.

The original I-20 form is several letter sized paper stapled together which is very easy to be broken and also hard to carry.

I redesigned I-20 form to make it small and can be folded to a US dollar size which can be put into the wallet. At the same time, one page design makes students not need to worry about the fragile staples again.